Professional Fees & Insurance

Professional Fees
A single fee is charged for the initial consultation, examination, and laboratory studies. The initial fee varies depending on the patient's health and associated medical conditions. A single monthly fee is charged thereafter. This charge includes all services, including professional and medical fees, laboratory studies, electrocardiograms, group sessions and psychological support services, nutrition counseling and education, exercise classes and individual training sessions, meal replacement supplements, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

We encourage patients to take advantage of all aspects of the program in as comprehensive a manner as possible without the burden of extra fees. There are no additional charges for the use of classes, groups, exercise instruction, use of the gym, or other services. We have found that patients who utilize more of the support and educational aspects of the program achieve better results in weight loss and maintenance.

Medical services for minor medical problems (those services that would ordinarily be included in an internal medicine office practice), whether or not related to weight reduction, are generally covered as part of the program. However, patients with serious medical problems unrelated to weight management and any medical problems requiring hospitalization should seek the advice of their personal physician.

When weight loss is completed, patients are started on a structured maintenance program. Since maintenance is such an important part of the program, it is organized in a form similar to the weight loss phase, except that patients are no longer losing weight and it is no longer necessary to monitor laboratory tests and electrocardiograms regularly.

A particular effort is made to keep the charges for maintenance as low as possible to enable patients to use all of the available support programs while they are establishing new eating patterns.

Health insurance
Health insurance companies do not yet cover significantly for weight management treatment. You will receive separate bills for your medical visits and for your treatment groups to submit to your insurance company. Every effort is made to assist patients in obtaining benefits from their health insurance, but we cannot predict the extent of the reimbursement. Any health insurance policy that does not exclude coverage for the treatment of obesity should reimburse at least part of the cost. Patients who have medical problems that complicate their obesity (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol) are more likely to receive reimbursement.